How to Quickly and Easily Delete Blank Rows and Columns in Excel 2013

If you have a lot of blank rows in your Excel spreadsheet, you can delete them by right-clicking each once separately and selecting “Delete,” a very time-consuming task. However, there’s a quicker and easier way of deleting both blank rows and blank columns.

First, we’ll show you how to delete blank rows.
Highlight the area of your spreadsheet in which you want to delete the blank rows. Be sure to include the row just above the first blank row and the row just below the last blank row.












Click “Find & Select” in the “Editing” section of the “Home” tab and select “Go To Special…” on the drop-down menu.










On the “Go To Special” dialog box, select “Blanks” and click “OK.”






All the cells in the selection that are not blank are de-selected, leaving only the blank cells selected.













In the “Cells” section of the “Home” tab, click “Delete” and then select “Delete Sheet Rows” from the drop-down menu.










All the blank rows are removed and the remaining rows are now adjacent


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How to add a Call to Action button to your Facebook page

Many of you will already have added the Call to Action button to your Facebook page. If you haven’t you really should and here is how. It’s really very easy!

Here are the different Call to Action choices you can add:

  1. Book Now – Can be used by clinics, hotels, restaurants etc. to book appointments.
  2. Contact Us – Pretty straight forward, to share your business/brand contact details. Be sure to link this button directly to your website’s contact page.
  3. Use App – Incase you are a mobile app page or have a mobile app, to drive users to download your app.
  4. Play Game – This feature is a breakthrough for the gaming business, can possibly give users a chance to experience game demos or play the game online.
  5. Shop Now – This button can be used to drive fans to your ecommerce website.
  6. Sign Up – Want to build a database of email subscribers? The best button to fit the role.
  7. Watch Video – Sends your fans to a video on Facebook or Youtube.

Once you have decided which button you need follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit your Page and click the “Create Call-to-Action” button.
  2. Select the most appropriate call-to-action and enter the URL you want your fans to visit. (Copy and paste the URL from your site or video) Click the “Next” button.  Note: If the mobile website field is left blank, subscribers would not be able to see the CTA button on a mobile device.
  3. If you’re driving iOS users to a website, select “website”. If you’re driving iOS users to an app, select “app”. Follow the same instructions on the next screen for Android.
  4. Click Create – And you are done!




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PowerPoint to Video

How to Save or Convert a PowerPoint Presentation to a Video

Most of us can create PowerPoint presentations but did you know you can save them as videos? This tutorial shows you how. This works for versions 2010 and 2013 only.

PowerPoint presentations are used in business and academic presentations. Highly versatile, you can even use presentations to show off your holiday pictures!

First you need to create a presentation.  Once you have the document open, you will need to save it as a video.  Begin by pressing “File.”

Instead of following the logical train of thought and opening the “Save” section, you will need to click on “Export,” then click on “Create a video.”

Once you do this, you will see the “Create a Video” option.  This will offer a few options in the form of two drop-down menus and a time value box.

The first drop-down box is where you will choose the quality of your exported video.  These three options will also determine the size of your exported video file.  We will choose the second option to reduce the size of the video without compromising too much video quality.

The second drop-down menu allows you to include or exclude any timings or narrations that you inserted on your PowerPoint presentation.  If you do not have timings or narration then leave it as it is. The “Use Recorded Timings and Narrations” will be unavailable if you don’t have any of them in your presentation anyway.

The time value box is where you can edit the amount of time that your slides will appear in the video.  The default time is set at 5 seconds.  For this tutorial, we will set it to 3 seconds.  Lastly, you need to click on the “Create Video” button. Remember that the more slides you have and the more time you give to each slide, the more space the video will take up in the end.

You will now be taken to the “Save” dialog box.  Browse to the location where you want to save the file and give it a name then press “Save.”

While the video is being created, you will see the small progress bar at the bottom of your PowerPoint window.  Wait till this is done and then go to your video.

Now you can double-click your video file and it will automatically play with your video player. This handy export tool is great for automating presentations or for uploading them as videos to online video sharing services like Facebook or YouTube.



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How To resize large image attachments in Outlook 2013


When you have to send someone a large image file through email, it’s a good idea to resize the image file to make it smaller before sending it. Outlook makes this easy and allows you to resize the image file as it’s sent.

Some companies and email services still have small attachment limits. So, resizing images can avoid having your message bounced back to you. It’s also an easy way of resizing images for yourself. Simply email the image file to yourself and have Outlook resize it automatically.

NOTE: We used Outlook 2013 to illustrate this feature.

To have Outlook resize an image file as it’s sent, create a new email message and enter the recipient’s email address, a subject line and any text message you want to send. Then, click the “Insert” tab.


In the “Include” section of the “Insert” tab, click “Attach File.”


The “Insert File” dialog box displays. Navigate to the folder containing the image you want to send. Select the file and click “Insert.”


The file is attached to the message and the size is noted. In our example, we didn’t send a particularly large image file, but it still got noticeably smaller when it was sent.

Before clicking “Send,” there is a setting we must turn on to resize the image as it’s sent. To access this setting, click the “File” tab.


On the “Info” screen, select the “Resize large images when I send this message” radio button. Then, click the left arrow button in the upper-left corner of the “Info” screen to return to your email message.


Now, click send to send the message.


The image file will be resized and your recipient will receive a smaller file. In our example, the image file went from 345 KB down to 131 KB.







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Changing Margins in Word 2013

The Easy “How To” Series

Set the margins to “Normal”


On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Margins.

Change margins 1



Click the margin type that you want. For the most common margin width, click Normal.

When you click the margin type that you want, your entire document automatically changes to the margin type that you have selected.


To change Margins to a particular size


Click Margins, click Custom Margins at the bottom, and then in the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right boxes, enter new values for the margins.


Change margins 2











To change the default margins, click Margins after you select a new margin, and then click Custom Margins. In the Page Setup dialog box, click the Set as Default button, and then click Yes. The new default settings are saved in the template on which the document is based. Each new document based on that template automatically uses the new margin settings.
To change the margins for part of a document, select the text, and then set the margins that you want by entering the new margins in the Page Setup dialog box.

In the Apply to box, click selected text. Word automatically inserts section breaks before and after the text that has the new margin settings.



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How to add an updating time and date in Word 2013

The first in our “How To” Series


There are several reasons for inserting the current date and time into your document. You may want to insert it into a letter or into a header or footer. Whatever the reason, Word makes it easy to insert the date and time into a document.

If you want the date and time to automatically update when you open or print the document, you can insert it as a field that automatically updates. The field can also be updated manually at any time.

To insert the date and time into your document, open a new or existing document in Word and press the “Insert” tab on the ribbon.


In the “Text” section of the “Insert” tab, click “Date & Time.”


NOTE: You may have to widen the Word window to see the full label on the “Date & Time” button. If you can’t make the window wider, you can find the button by looking for the icon shown on the button below. If there’s no room for a button’s label on the ribbon, the icon is displayed.


The “Date and Time” dialog box displays. Select a format for the date or time or both from the list. To have the date and/or time update automatically, select the “Update automatically” check box so there is a check mark in the box. Click “OK.”


The date and/or time is inserted into your document. If you chose to have it update automatically, it’s inserted as a field. When you put the cursor in the field, an “Update” button displays above the field that allows you to update the field manually at any time. You can also press “F9” to update the field, when the cursor is in it.


If you decide you don’t want the date and/or time updated automatically anymore, you can highlight the field, or put the cursor in the field, and press “Ctrl + Shift + F9” to unlink the field. You might want to update the field before unlinking it so it has the current date and/or time once it’s unlinked

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“Micro-volunteer” your time!

This is fantastic! A new app called Be My eyes allows you to give a few moments of your time and help someone who is blind to accomplish tasks that would be extremely difficult for them but so simple for you. Micro-volunteering is an innovative development and in this case can make a huge difference to peoples lives. Delivered through a one-way video connection a blind person may ask for help to accomplish a simple task. You don’t have to answer if you are busy, as the call we then be picked up by someone else. If you are free you can answer and help.

Available for ipad and in development for android. Read more here.

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Christmas? There’s an app for that!

There is a mind boggling amount of apps available to make Christmas less of a chore. They range from the quite useful to the downright strange. The Telegraph did a fun article on them last week.

This Christmas you could use Task Rabbit to buy and wrap your presents or find the perfect venue for the office Christmas party. The Hello Fresh app will send you a box of perfectly weighed food, recipes and cooking instructions to create the perfect meal. There is even one that cuts out the cooking altogether. Eat First will deliver a freshly made Christmas lunch direct to your door.

Now I am all for making life easier. I am certainly not adverse to gadgets and gizmos to take some of the stress out of Christmas. I love to do grocery shop online and have that nice man bring my heavy shopping straight to my kitchen. I use Google to find everything from local shops to the meaning of an obscure word I read on someones blog. These kind of apps however, they make me just a wee bit nervous. They perpetuate the myth that Christmas needs to be “perfect”. So many of us strive for perfection at this time of year. The perfect present, the perfect meal, the perfect family day. Well guess what? It’s not possible!

There isn’t an app to make your mad Aunty stay sober and behave herself, there isn’t an app to stop the kids waking up before it is even light, (there ought to be but we haven’t found one yet!) This myth of perfection at Christmas drives so many of us into a panic. It’s not just unachievable, it’s not necessary. My family will never let me forget the occasional Christmas disasters. Pigs in blankets that got left in the oven. Charcoaled sausages made fantastic airborne weapons for the boys! The turkey that took forever to cook so all the veg was a bit on the soggy side. The time the batteries were forgotten. These are the silly things we remember and laugh about now the children are grown up, the not so perfect Christmas days.

This Christmas we will use technology to call family, text friends and generally stay in touch with the people we love. It won’t be a perfect Christmas, and it doesn’t have to be.

Whatever you are doing this Christmas, have a good one!


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Beginners classes at Haslewey

The free Introduction to Computers classes at Haslewey Community Centre are now drawing to a close. I have to say they have been enormous fun. We have had a range of students of all ages and abilities. Some had never used a computer before, while others wanted to improve existing skills.

The course has covered the basics of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Everyone has learnt new skills and most importantly we had a good time doing it!

The picture here shows Kate Brown getting to grips with Word.

The funding for these free courses has now finished. There will be new courses starting in January for a very reasonable charge.

Kate Brown at the Introduction to Computers course.

Kate Brown at the Introduction to Computers course.

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