How to add a Call to Action button to your Facebook page

Many of you will already have added the Call to Action button to your Facebook page. If you haven’t you really should and here is how. It’s really very easy!

Here are the different Call to Action choices you can add:

  1. Book Now – Can be used by clinics, hotels, restaurants etc. to book appointments.
  2. Contact Us – Pretty straight forward, to share your business/brand contact details. Be sure to link this button directly to your website’s contact page.
  3. Use App – Incase you are a mobile app page or have a mobile app, to drive users to download your app.
  4. Play Game – This feature is a breakthrough for the gaming business, can possibly give users a chance to experience game demos or play the game online.
  5. Shop Now – This button can be used to drive fans to your ecommerce website.
  6. Sign Up – Want to build a database of email subscribers? The best button to fit the role.
  7. Watch Video – Sends your fans to a video on Facebook or Youtube.

Once you have decided which button you need follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit your Page and click the “Create Call-to-Action” button.
  2. Select the most appropriate call-to-action and enter the URL you want your fans to visit. (Copy and paste the URL from your site or video) Click the “Next” button.  Note: If the mobile website field is left blank, subscribers would not be able to see the CTA button on a mobile device.
  3. If you’re driving iOS users to a website, select “website”. If you’re driving iOS users to an app, select “app”. Follow the same instructions on the next screen for Android.
  4. Click Create – And you are done!




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